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Create Your Own Perfume Blending Set

Create Your Own Perfume Blending Set

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Luxury blending sets are for perfume enthusiasts who want to be creative and love the idea of personalised Eau de Toilette perfumes. 
All our blending accords are designed to work together, the personalisation comes from combining them in different combinations. Our 10 blending accords have different characters, you simply select the 4 that will play a part in your perfume story.

Creating your perfume is very simple: simply start blending with tiny amounts, until you find a recipe that works for you. There is no wrong way – this is ‘personal alchemy’ just follow your nose and enjoy the creative journey.

You have 120ml in total to play with, so you can really have fun and make lots of different combinations. You have 2 refillable atomisers so you can share the experience together with someone special (extra bottles or additional accords can be ordered too).
Your blending set has everything you need:

  • x4, 30ml eau de toilette perfume blending accords of your choice
  • x2 Refillable and reusable atomiser bottles 
  • x4 removable naming labels
  • x1 Glass beaker, stirring rod and aluminium funnel
  • x10 Scent strips
  • x1 Blending booklet (a blending guide and place to record your recipes)

To inform your personalised selection, there's a brief description of each accord 'character'. If you are not sure, check out our range of pre-selected  Signature Set; or, I am happy to give personal advice if you message me on social or email. 

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