My Perfume Blending Story

When I was 6 years old, I was gifted a perfume set – I never forgot it!

I have always been in awe of the unique power of our scent to move us physically and emotionally. Working with consumer brands, it's played a prominent role in innovation and consumer research; but the idea of becoming a Perfumer myself, seemed out of reach. 

When ‘lockdown’ forced me to move my consultancy business on-line, I desperately missed the energy, sensory stimulation and personal connection of a group. I need to change something!

Perfumery started as a hobby and creative outlet to express myself, I was amazed at how mindful and relaxing it was. After an inspiring perfumery course and pilgrimage to Grasse, the ELIX concept evolved - I wanted to share the joy I had experienced in perfume blending and make it accessible to anyone.
As a founder, personal reinvention is so energising, and completely terrifying! You don’t really know if your idea will connect with others; all you do know, is that you followed your heart.


Scent has a unique ability to instantly recall memories 

My travels aren't complete without a 'scent experience'; be that foraging with my dog, a safari, rainforest trek, or visit to a botanical garden or a souk. These vivid memories became my 'recipe' cards for each scent creation.

Scented materials are all around us

Precious scented botanicals have been coveted for thousands of years

Scent had played a key role in all cultures and their rituals...It's one of the key ways we 'make sense of the world'. Our busy lives mean we often forget to stop and enjoy their beauty.

scent is joyful!

Engaging your sense of smell enhances your wellbeing

Certain aroma botanicals are proven to have a physiological impact, but there's a bigger picture! Mindful perfumery is engaging with ourselves connecting with others to create and recall precious memories. By being more invested in the creation of a perfume, you become mindful and conscious of the raw botanicals used, and perhaps their environment too.